Hammersmith Sandwich Company

Artisan Sandwiches - Panini - Wraps - Fresh Salads - Homemade Soup (seasonally)

"I've never received a sandwich that wasn't out of this world good yet and I highly doubt I ever will." - Kimberly C.

"When your husband takes a bite of his sandwich, looks at you with bug eyes and gets the goosebumps you better believe he fell in love!" - Alana G.

"The establishment was nice, clean, and inviting; the staff was helpful and friendly; and the food was just wonderful! REAL food at affordable prices!" - Theresa T.

"I love this place. Eating here is the highlight of my work week. The owners are always kind and they really create a great atmosphere. Is it more expensive then making a sandwich at home? Yes, but totally worth it. They make everything, and so much thought and care goes into each ingredient." - Jennifer G.

"Words don't describe the angelic touch each sandwich has." - Jay P.

"I recommend this place to anyone who is looking for a quality fresh made sandwiches, made with quality fresh ingredients." - Bill B.



Saturday 10/20

Turkey Panini with Gouda Cheese, Bacon, Tomato & Thousand Island Dressing - $8.29
Smoked Corn & Bacon Chowder
SM $4  LG $6.50


Monday-Friday 11-7

Saturday & Sunday  11-4

23 Fresh River Rd.

Epping, NH

(Epping Crossing)


[email protected]