Hammersmith Sandwich Company

Artisan Sandwiches - Panini - Wraps - Fresh Salads - Homemade Soup (seasonally)


Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Do you have gluten-free bread?

  2. Where did you get your name?

    Shawn is a freelance MMA writer under the pen name of Mike Hammersmith.  We thought the name Hammersmith had a nice ring to it.

  3. Why did you re-locate from Exeter to Epping?

    Several reasons really.  We absolutely loved it in Exeter.  We loved our customers and the community.  Our main reason for leaving was that we needed a larger space and after years of trying to find something, we came up empty.  Another major reason for our decision was the parking situation downtown, especially during the winter.  Although we truly do miss our old space, we love Epping and are so happy we decided to make the move.

  4. Is your turkey "deli meat"?

    Technically yes I guess.  It's similar to Boar's Head without the label.  Our turkey is 2 turkey breasts put together.  I wouldn't call it deli meat so much as a cooked turkey we buy instead of roasting our own turkey.

  5. Do you make your bread?

    Although we have ventured into making many other things, we are not pros at making bread.  We get our bread from Fantini bakery in Haverhill.  They deliver to us daily so we can provide the freshest bread.  After trying many other bakeries and brands, we haven't found anything else that we feel lives up to their standards.

  6. Do you make all your soups, cookies, etc?

    Yes.  Karen makes 90% of the soups and Shawn makes the other 10%.  Karen makes all of the cookies, stuffing, dressings and spreads (except for Ranch, Thousand Island, Guacamole & Pesto).  We take a lot of pride in what we sell and try to make most of what we sell in house.

  7. Why do you change your menu so much?

    When we notice an item isn't selling as well as others, we'd rather take it off the menu and replace it with something that will sell better.  Generally, we replace it with a popular special.

  8. Are you a franchise?

    Nope.  Shawn & Karen decided to open a sandwich shop in November of 2010 and opened for our first day of business on January 13, 2011.  Everything on our menu is our original idea and we worked from the ground up to build our business.  We hope you all love what we do as much as we do!

  9. Why do you have a sign that requests "no special orders during busy times"?

    We didn't put that sign up to be jerks.  We promise.  When we first opened in Epping, we were running into a situation where a lot of people thought we were a sub shop like Subway or a Deli where you come in and pick all the meats, cheeses and veggies you want on an endless list of bread options.  That's really not what we're set up to do and really not what our concept is.  Custom sandwiches like that greatly slow things down during a lunch rush because not all ingredients are handy to us.  That certainly doesn't mean you can't ask for no tomato on your sandwich or for Swiss Cheese instead of Cheddar.  We just wanted people to see that our concept is different from a Subway or a Deli.  We really are proud of our menu and hope you give our menu items a shot.

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